Some say he can make your day with a few chosen words. 
All we know is he’s called…

STIG Lookalike

How does it work?

Stig Lookalike can make your day come alive.  You can either book him for a personal visit to deliver a message or gift.   The perfect way to deliver a present such as a Red letter day, or Driving experience.  

Alternatively, if you want to deliver a video message yourself with the help of the Stig lookalike then simply get in touch and he will make up personalise video message just for you.  

Prices may vary depending on your specific requirements.  
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Stig Lookalike
Tel: 07976661084 

If the Stig had blood it is likely to have the same genetic coding as his more entertaining cousin, however the Stig lookalike is simply a human that wears a very similar STIG outfit to his unrelated cousin.  Stig lookalike  is not in anyway associated with the BBC TV or TopGear TV Show or any of its associates or affiliates.